Since 2015, Forty Third Place has served the most discerning clients in the DC Metro area. Jonaki Sanyal and Blake Sloane collaborate together in their home studio on all manner of projects.  Woodwork and carpentry, design, and photography are among our specialties. We are known for indulging even the most whimsical and unconventional projects.

Blake is a carpenter and woodworker by trade. In Chicago, he made a name for himself making beautiful things out of salvaged and reclaimed wood. 

Jonaki is a social worker by day and photographer by night. She works with teens, brings home the bacon, and is the muscle on the worksite. She documents all of our shenanigans.

In 2015, Jonaki and Blake relocated after more than a decade in Chicago, back to their home base in PG County, Maryland.  What began as a lighthearted rehab of our newly purchased 1930's home--set to 80's music--turned into a year long epic project. We delighted in taking our time to really think about the space, adding creative custom features, and carefully sourcing and selecting meaningful and responsible materials.  We have become known for applying this same care to all of our projects.

Please visit our contact us page or email us at info@fortythirdplace.com with any questions. We'd love to hear from you!